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John Brumby with Janet Brumby

John Brumby with Janet Brumby

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John Brumby - Australia Biography

John Brumby was born in Northumberland Heath in Kent in the UK, Northumberland Heath is now part of Greater London living now in Australia

I grew up in Sidcup in Kent living there during the Second World War most of the time when the streets were empty of traffic so that with a pair of homemade skates I could skate at speed down the middle of the roads covering miles.
We also played street hockey on skates with sticks and old tin cans, we seemed to have far more fun with the game than modern day hockey gets, making our own rules up as we went.

Later I was to live in Enfield Lock Middlesex on a unique Metropolitan Water Board Pumping station that was powered by gas made from coal, only one other pumping station of its kind existed in Western Australia at that time.
The gas was fed to giant cylinders that were based on car engine cylinders where the water was the piston.

I would go fishing in the River Lee that fed the pumping station, nearby was the ordinance factory where the Lee Enfield 303 rifles were made.

I was to end up going into the Royal Air Force to be a radio and radar technician but changed later to being a nursing orderly.

After moving to Tonbridge in Kent I was later to go back to Enfield to train as a registered nurse at the Chase Farm Hospital for which I did many years service in both England and Australia after I qualified.

But I have also have worked in several businesses and was a gardener for Lord Delilse and Dudley for a short while.
I have also pastored in a number of churches.

I was to marry Janet Florence Dunkerton in 1965 who had trained as a primary teacher, we came to Australia in 1969.
This is only part of the biography as the real one is of both John and Janet Brumby and can be seen in the other pages in this site and other sites
Then in future blogs to be written.
John Robert Brumby - Member of the Rise Up Australia Party.

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