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The Brumbies

Golden Retriever
German Shepherd

Here are the tales (or tails) of the dogs that have been in our lives until Princess.

Rover a Golden Retriever was the first dog I John knew as a small child and he belonged to my grandparents and the sad tale was though he lived to be 21 years old (being blind then) he actually was run over and died in the road outside the house called Cain Ryan in Crowborough Kent England.

Then next dog Trixie I knew belonged to my sisters Connie and Millie and she was a Terrier that they rescued as a puppy from being put down by a vet due to the fact that she was paralysed from Distemper and was very small. But by actually using an iron with a protective cloth each day on her back  she got better and ceased to be paralysed. She lived with us at a shop in Tonbridge Kent England.
She traveled home from the vet in a saddle bag on the back of one of my sisters bikes, her tail had to be cut short due to the original paralysis.
Trixie went on to live to being 12 years old that was a good life span for a dog that was set to be put down.
Trixie was a very obedient dog who would walk with you and stop with you to cross the road ans she loved to beg for attention or for her food.

Then came Blackie a Labrador our first dog for John and Janet when we lived in Harlow Essex England we had to leave him behind when we came to live in Australia.
We had rescued Blackie off the road where we were driving at that time he had been run over and had a broken leg but we took him to the vet just across the road. The next day we called back to the vet and ended up adopting Blackie, the vet charged us nothing for the service.
Janet got the best kiss ever from Blackie outdoing me when he gave her a kiss when lying on the sofa with her eyes closed.
Blackie loved going for romps with me in the wood behind where we lived at that time, we used to play hide and seek.

The first dog we had in Australia was Lady a Dachsund (with longer legs)  there are many tales about her which I must put into my blogs.
Again Lady was a dog that we rescued from living under a church near where we lived in Rooty Hill NSW Australia.
Somebody else had picked her up on a temporary basis, but I went there and there was Lady saying to me, I belong to you.
So she came to live with us at Rooty Hill, then Woodenbong, then to Kyogle after that to Lane Cove, then to Croydon, then on to Homebush, and finally she died in Blackett at age 17.5 years of age (all of these places are in NSW).

Then after that we had to rescue Freedom a German Shepherd from a battered life when we were still at Blackett she was almost dying on our front lawn, but we left food out for her, and finally she moved in with us. She was then with us in Guildford  NSW then came to Rutherglen Victoria where we now live, she died at age 12 years old getting a longer life than expected.

We must actually tell more tales about them in blogs they were all special as Princess is special now, it also involves stories of cats.

John and Janet