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The Brumbies

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Useful Information About  Seaching for Names on the Net.

When seaching for a name in say Google there are a number of ways to go about doing it.

Simply typing in "Brumby" will only lead me to pages of  entries about the Brumbies the wild horses of Australia.

So if I take my name John Brumby and start doing a search for it by typing in "John Brumby" then because here in Victoria Australia where I live I will find the ex Premier of Victoria taking up most of the entries on the first few pages, because he is still active in political issues.

 I will find my Linkdin entry in different places at different times, maybe on page 3 or 4, somtimes on 2 and even once on page 1.

But if instead I type in "John R Brumby ' I will quickly find myself often at the top of page 1, the same goes if I type in "John Robert Brumby", I will even see my wife's name Janet appearing with it.

But I can also vary it and type in "J R Brumby" or "Brumby J R" and I will find other entries against that form of entry often including Janet as well, for the White pages or Yellow pages entries appear with telephone numbers.

If now I was to type in "Janet Brumby" I will find her with me on the first page, though an important Janet Brumby in the UK takes up most of it.

The best search turned out to be typing in John and Janet Brumby we had lots of entries on page 1.

So you can safely try many ways to find a name and not be discouraed unless you are a Smith or a Brown or other common names from any country.

So happy searching and we hope this page does prove helpful for you.

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